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deb files:
To expand on your desktop do this:
1. Open Terminal and cd to the directory of the deb file
2. Type:
     ar vx filename.deb

To install on your iPhone if you choose not to use Cydia do this:
1. SFTP or SCP your deb file into /tmp
2. SSH into your iPhone with Terminal and type:
     dpkg -i /tmp/filename.deb

icon FindMyi 1.2b

GPS Tracking for lost phones, and family - Runs in background.
Desktop DownloadiPhone App File Size: 194 Kb
Or download with Cydia on your iPhone
Repository (BigBoss): http://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/
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icon GPSTrack 1.0.1

GPSTrack allows you to use the GPS receiver in your iPhone to show your current location and create a log of your travels.
With iOS 4, GPSTrack can record your location in the background, so you can continue to use your iPhone for other tasks while your location is recorded.
When recording a track, GPSTrack can show a map with your path, updated in real-time.
Saved tracks can be exported via e-mail in GPX and KML formats, useful if you want to geotag photos from a camera that doesn't have GPS support.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 0.2 MB
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icon GPS Tracker 1.2.2

InstaMapper is a free real-time GPS tracking service. You can learn more about the service by visiting these pages:
To use InstaMapper, you will need to install the GPS Tracker application from the App Store. You will also need to create a free account.
How it works
To use InstaMapper, you create a free account. Registration takes only a minute or two. All we ask for is a username, password, and a valid email address.
Next, you install a small application on your GPS-enabled phone. When you run the application, it periodically sends your GPS coordinates to InstaMapper servers over the cellular data network.
Login to your account from any computer and you will see the location of your phone, as well as historical data, on an interactive map. You can also export location data in several formats and access it programmatically via an API.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 122 Kb
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icon Here I Am 1.1

Here I Am is a simple app for sending your location via eMail. While open, it will continually update the available stats. Once you have gotten the accuracy you're after, just tap the eMail button. That will start an eMail that includes a link with your location. The link is designed so that regular computers will show your location in Google Maps, and iPhone / iPod Touches will show it in the Maps app.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 100 Kb
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icon Hotspots 1.1

Hotspots is a GPS diary for iPhone. With Hotspots you can: - Tag important locations by pressing one button - Attach photos and notes to a tag - Get directions to and from a tag. You can also get directions between tags - Email tags to friends
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 290 Kb
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icon Navizon 2.1

The Core Location service the Maps application uses allows you to locate your iPhone using a variety of techniques including Cellular and WiFi triangulation and GPS. Navizon analyzes the location data to detect and display which mode of locationing is being used. Your location and the locationing type can be shared with your friends so they can also see how accurate your location is.
Please try this lite version and buy the full version if you like it.
Compared to the Lite version the full version has:
- Trail Logging to keep track of the places you go.
- Unlimited buddy location alerts.
- Locate yourself and see a map.
- Buddy Finder to locate your loved ones at any time.
- Navizon Groups that let you see the position of users sharing the same interests than you.
- Navizon Alerts that let you trigger an event such as receiving an email or calling a URL where you or one of your buddies enter a location of interest. You can receive up to 5 alerts per months with the Free version and an unlimited number of alerts with the Premium version.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 198 Kb - Lite Version
App Store DownloadiPhone App Full Version
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icon Take Me to My Car 1.2

It lets you save your current position with two taps (including starting the application) and lets you get directions to your parking location with just one tap! On top of that, it functions just like the regular Maps application allowing you to browse and zoom in/out on the map.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 228 Kb
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icon Trailguru 2.0

Use your iPhone 3G to do more than just listen to music while you run, bike, or hike. Download Trailguru and capture your outdoor activities using the iPhone 3G's integrated GPS.
Trailguru provides you with a display of the following while you are on the go.
- distance traveled (in kilometers or miles)
- duration (including moving and stopped time)
- odometer
- pace (minutes per mile/km) or current speed
- average speed
- maximum speed
- elevation
- latitude/longitude
Gut the real power of the app comes into play after you've posted your activity to the Trailguru web site (www.trailguru.com) where you are able to visualize your outing on Google Earth and Google Maps.
App Store DownloadiPhone App File Size: 450 Kb
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