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Week of June 30th, 2019

Real games!


Pretty easy

App Store


1. Works with every Mac operating system back to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. So, if you bought the game on the App Store and it works with your Mac's operating system, you can still download and play it.
2. Pretty easy to buy and install games.
3. Once downloaded, the games run independently.


1. Games are tethered to the Mac App store.
2. Hard to find a decent game amongst all the crap.
3. There's no decent way to browse the App Store in my browser. When I do click on a link to the App Store, it opens the App Store app whether I want it to or not. blank

Multiplayer champ



1. If it's multiplayer, and especially if it's cross-platform, it makes it easy to find other players.
2. Wider selection of games than the App Store and they often come out on Steam first.
3. Easier to browse and find games in my browser.


1. If you bought it on Steam, you need to launch Steam to launch the game.
2. If you bought it on Steam and you're running anything older than El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11), you're s*** out of luck.
3. Although I find their game rankings interesting, I don't really want Steam knowing how much time I spend playing games. blank

Direct downloads rock!
Game launchers, not so much.



1. There's so much more than whatever's on the App Store and Steam.
2. There's something nice about having a single game such as League of Legends or X-Plane which only relies on itself to run.


1. Many otherwise intelligent people can't figure out how to download a .dmg file, open it and drag the resulting program to the Applications folder.
2. Would much rather just launch Starcraft II or Fortnite without having to launch their associated game launcher. blank

Week of June 23rd, 2019

A final farewell to MacSoft
The only reason not to update to Catalina is the games.


Still the best FPS on Mojave

Unreal Tournament 2004

Untethered by the Mac App Store or Steam, I've been dragging this game from Mac to Mac for a decade and a half now.
For anyone into old style arcade like twitch games, it still can't be beat for a quick round of blasting and shooting. blank

Still the best strategy game on Mojave

Age of Empires III

If your attention span requires a bit more time and concentration, AoE III, still does the trick. Maybe not the best ever, only because of AoE II, it still has the best single player campaign mode going. blank

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