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Week of August 18th, 2019

Research your ancestors.


Family reunions don't need to be stressful.


Some people are just so much more pleasant on paper. blank

Even if your ancestors didn't live in trees...


... you can still make charts to see what that would look like. blank

Week of August 4th, 2019

Is P2P really dead? Of course!


56 million songs at your fingertips.


Support your favorite artists by just playing their music. blank

Over 40,000 tracks added every day.


Maybe not perfect, but you got to pay the man. blank

Week of July 21st, 2019

Do you think massively multiplayer online games are a thing?


More people play this every day than the population of some countries.

League of Legends

Don't like this world? Try another. blank

More people play this every day than the population of some continents.


The world is closing in, can you survive? blank

Week of June 23rd, 2019

A final farewell to MacSoft
The only reason not to update to Catalina is the games.


Still the best FPS on Mojave

Unreal Tournament 2004

Untethered by the Mac App Store or Steam, I've been dragging this game from Mac to Mac for a decade and a half now.
For anyone into old style arcade like twitch games, it still can't be beat. blank

Still the best strategy game on Mojave

Age of Empires III

If your attention span requires a bit more time and concentration, AoE III, still does the trick. blank

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