Pure Mac - All the Software You Really Need

Internet Software for Mac

IRC, Messages, ICQ etc.

The Cloud
DropBox, iCloud etc.

Slack, Google Docs etc.

Distributed Computing:
BOINC, SETI, Folding etc.

Mail Plug-ins, Email Clients, SPAM Filters, Mail Checkers etc.

File Transfers:
FTP Clients, SFTP, FTP Servers, Fetch, Tranmit, Cyberduck etc.

Internet Utilities:
DNS Lookup, Traceroute, IP Listing, Monitors etc.

Online Games:
Steam, Battle.net, World of Warcraft etc.

Remote Access:
VPN, VNC, Telnet, SSH, Terminal Emulators etc.

Google TV, Spotify, Netflix etc.

MacSOUP, Unison, RAR Utilities, etc.

Video Calling:
Facetime, Skype, Hangouts etc.

World Wide Web:
HTML, Development, Browsers, HTML Editors, Web Cams etc.

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