Pure Mac - All the Software You Really Need

Multimedia Software for Mac

Audio Editors, Recorders, Players, Converters, Encoders etc.

Computer Assisted Design, Drafting, Modeling, Architecture etc.

Charts & Graphs:
Charting, Flow Charts, Graphing, Diagrams etc.

Desktop Publishing:
InDesign, QuarkXpress, The Print Shop, Imposition etc.

Ebook Readers, CHM Viewers, Audio Books etc.

Font Utilities:
Font Checkers, Font Organizers, Font Editors etc.

Viewing, Editing, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Catalogueing etc.

Media Center:
Front Row, PVR, Remote Control, Audio Servers, Video Servers etc.

MP3 Tools:
Controllers, Lyrics, Cover Art, Players, DJ, Visualizers etc.

Sequencers, Sampling, Synthesizers, AU, VST, Tuners, Notation etc.

Photoshop Plugins:
Optimizers, Effects, Textures, Filters etc.

3D & Animation:
Animation, Compositing, Rendering, Textures, Scenery etc.

Codecs, Video Players, Editors, Converters, Rippers, DVD Utilities etc.

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