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Icon Acrobat Pro DC 19.010.20064

There’s a better way to work. Anywhere. Work can't always happen in the office. You need a smart way to take it with you, wherever you go. Adobe Acrobat DC is the world's best PDF solution. And it’s all you need to scan, convert, sign, and manage documents on any device.
  • License: Demo, Acrobat Pro DC $15/mo
  • Developer/Publisher: Adobe
  • Modification Date: December 11, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Download Mac Credit Card required for trial

Release Notes

What's New

Home Page

Icon Acrobat Reader 19.010.20064

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents.
Acrobat Reader has a new modern look. This includes a full set of commenting tools to add sticky notes, highlight text, and use lines, shapes, and stamps on your PDFs.
Easily e-sign any document or form. Type responses on your PDF, add your e-signature or initials, and send the form electronically. Use smart autofill to make form-filling faster.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Adobe
  • Modification Date: December 4, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 200.3 MB

Home Page

Icon BookLightning 1.7.4

BookLightning is a Mac OS X 10.3 native utility for imposing PDF files into booklets, either for further processing or to print directly on a duplex or non-duplex printer. Operation couldn't be simpler: just drop a PDF file on the BookLightning icon, and it will create a new PDF with the pages of the original file arranged on sheets that are twice the size, two up and arranged so that they will form a booklet of the original size when folded in the middle. BookLightning does its job very quickly, generating the new PDF file typically takes less than a second.
For non-duplex printers, BookLightning splits the front and back pages, allowing two-sided booklets to be printed in two passes.
To create a booklet that will be created by printing on and folding letter size paper ( 8.5 x 11 ), set up your original document's page size to half that size: 5.5 x 8.5. This is exactly the size that the individual pages will appear at in the final booklet, because two of them have to fit on each side of the letter size sheets. For users with ISO "A"-style paper sizes, just drop down one size from the size of the paper you will be printing on.
  • License: Demo, $10
  • Developer/Publisher: Marcel Weiher
  • Modification Date: December 15, 2011
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 3.0 MB - 1.7.4

Download Mac File Size: 3.2 MB - 1.7.3 Demo

Home Page

Icon Cheap Impostor 3.3

Cheap Impostor is a simple yet powerful alternative to fancy page imposition software. It doesn't offer all the features of high-end imposition software (which costs hundreds of dollars). Hence the name. However, if you want to print and bind booklets, magazines, or even long books, this program might be all the imposition software you need.
  • License: Shareware, $35
  • Developer/Publisher: Dylan McNamee
  • Modification Date: March 17, 2013
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 654 Kb

Home Page

Icon Cisdem PDF Converter OCR 6.2.0

Convert PDF to Word, PPT, Text, Rtfd, ePub, Html, Keynote, Pages, Image, and create/merge files to PDF accurately with advanced Mac PDF converter. Keep original layout without data loss.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR with OCR to convert scanned PDFs and images into editable files
  • License: Demo, $50, With OCR $60
  • Developer/Publisher: Cisdem Inc.
  • Modification Date: November 1, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 386.3 - Cisdem PDF Converter OCR 6.2.0 - November 1, 2018

Download Mac File Size: 10.9 MB - Cisdem PDF Converter 6.0 - October 31, 2018

PDF Converter Home Page

PDF Converter OCR Home Page

Icon Combine PDFs 5.3

Find a group of PDFs on your Mac, highlight them, and right-click. Choose the Services menu near the bottom. If all went well, you should see Combine PDFs in the list. Choose it.
  • License: Shareware, $30
  • Developer/Publisher: Monkeybread Software
  • Modification Date: May 17, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher - 64-bit

Download Mac File Size: 18 MB

Home Page

Icon Combine PDFs Service 2.0

Drop some PDF or picture files on the application or the main window. Reorder or remove pages as you want. Enter some meta information like the Title and save the new PDF. Analysing and processing of PDFs may take a while.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Brooks Duncan
  • Modification Date: June 8, 2015
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 129 Kb

Home Page

Icon Disc Cover 3.1.3

Disc Cover is your one-stop application for designing and printing CD labels, multipage booklets, DVD covers, jewel case inserts, spines, and more. From start to finish, you'll find it easy to design CD labels and covers thanks to a large collection of template kits, seamless integration with iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, and iDVD, as well as a slick and user-friendly interface.
  • License: Shareware, $25
  • Developer/Publisher: BeLight Software
  • Modification Date: April 15, 2016
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher - 32-bit

Download Mac File Size: 59.5 MB

Home Page

Icon EasyEnvelopes 1.0.2

EasyEnvelopes is a beautiful and easy to use solution for all of your envelope printing needs. Whether you're printing a one-off envelope, or a stack of holiday greeting cards, EasyEnvelopes will make it a breeze! Pick from existing standard envelope sizes, or design your own from scratch! You have complete control over the formatting of your envelopes, from the location of the addresses right down to line by line font/size/style control. You can even print the return address on the back of an envelope, or include USPS Intelligent Mail® barcodes for quick delivery!
  • License: Buy, $10
  • Developer/Publisher: Ambrosia Software
  • Modification Date: February 23, 2013
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher - 32-bit

Download Mac File Size: 4.2 MB

Home Page

Icon FlightCheck 7.92

FlightCheck is a stand-alone macOS application that checks native and PDF files for printing quality. This is a must-have for documents destined for commercial printing.
  • License: Demo, $399
  • Developer/Publisher: MarkzWare
  • Modification Date: October 22, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 25.1 MB

Home Page

icon Formulate Pro 0.0.6

FormulatePro helps you open and write on PDF documents. You can fill out any PDF form document, drop in graphics, scribble with the mouse or a tablet, save and print.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Andrew de los Reyes
  • Modification Date: October 18, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher - 32-bit

Download Universal Binary File Size: 589 Kb

Home Page

icon ghostscript 9.26

An interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF.
  • License: AGPL License is Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Artifex Software, Inc.
  • Modification Date: November 20, 2018
  • Requirements: macOS

Download Source Code File Size: 42.1 MB

Homebrew installation: Source Code  $ brew install ghostscript

Home Page

icon gv 3.7.4

GNU gv allows to view and navigate through PostScript and PDF documents on an X display by providing a graphical user interface for the Ghostscript interpreter.
gv is a improved derivation of Timothy O. Theisen's Ghostview, originally developed by Johannes Plass.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Free Software Foundation
  • Modification Date: March 17, 2013
  • Requirements: macOS, Ghostscript, X11

Download Source Code File Size: 759 Kb

Homebrew installation: Source Code  $ brew install gv
The following 3 dependencies will be installed if you install gv with Homebrew: Ghostscript, Pkg-config and X11.

Home Page

icon iCalamus 2.18

iCalamus offers an easy approach to DTP, and is an excellent choice for creating simple posters to complex magazines, scientific works and for book publishing. iCalamus is the multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publishing solution for OS X.
Working with precise measurement units is a breeze. Out of the box, iCalamus offers flexible masking options with many predefined, dynamically changeable frame shapes. Users may build virtual copies for multiple document elements and change them afterwards with just a few mouse clicks.
iCalamus can import all image and text formats which are supported by OS X. Easily grab text content from large PDF documents for further text processing. Images from digital cameras, scanners or iPhoto libraries can be imported, as well as complete web pages. Print output supports all printers, and iCalamus can optionally output documents in various PDF formats (e.g. PDF-X, encrypted PDF, PDF Fax).
  • License: Demo, $55
  • Developer/Publisher: Lemke Software
  • Modification Date: September 2, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 100.8 MB

Home Page

Icon InDesign 14.0

Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.
The industry-leading page design and layout toolset lets you work across desktop and mobile devices to create, preflight, and publish everything from printed books and brochures to digital magazines, eBooks, and interactive online documents.
  • License: Demo, Starting at $20/month
  • Developer/Publisher: Adobe
  • Modification Date: October 15, 2018
  • Requirements: macOS 10.11 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 2.3 MB Installer

Release Notes

What's New

Home Page

Icon iStudio Publisher 1.4.1

Create stunning documents with iStudio Publisher. Powerful and intuitive page layout software for desktop publishing. Designed exclusively for Mac.
Featured by Apple in ‘Apps for Designers’, iStudio Publisher is perfect for designing anything you want to layout and print, and comes with world class support.
  • License: Demo, $30
  • Developer/Publisher: iStudio Software
  • Modification Date: July 31, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 23.7 MB

Home Page

icon Label Printer Pro 7.37

Create professional results with incredible ease. Easy to use software is perfect for any of your labeling projects from return addresses to simple to create, eye popping business cards.
With easy to use image support you can make incredible name tags, CD/DVD labels Post Cards, Tent Cards and even T-Shirts.
  • License: Buy, $10
  • Developer/Publisher: Pay & Play Software
  • Modification Date: November 19, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 2.5 MB

Home Page

icon Labels & Addresses 1.7.3

Design and print labels and envelopes on your Mac.
Labels & Addresses is a DIY productivity tool that helps with mass mailings by printing labels, envelopes, and barcodes for personal and commercial use. Quickly and easily print envelopes, greeting cards, mailing labels, price tags, and labels for things around the house or office.
  • License: Shareware, $50
  • Developer/Publisher: BeLight Software
  • Modification Date: April 15, 2016
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher - 32-bit

Download Mac File Size: 48.1 MB

Home Page

Icon LaTeXiT 2.12.0

Should LaTeXiT be categorized, it would be an equation editor. This is not the plain truth, since LaTeXiT is "simply" a graphical interface above a LaTeX engine. However, its large set of features is a reason to see it as an editor; this is the goal in fact.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Pierre Chatelier
  • Modification Date: December 13, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and a working LaTeX installation (TeX Live or MacTeX)

Download Mac File Size: 15.6 MB

Home Page

icon LyX 2.3.1

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG).
LyX combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface. This results in world-class support for creation of mathematical content (via a fully integrated equation editor) and structured documents like academic articles, theses, and books. In addition, staples of scientific authoring such as reference list and index creation come standard. But you can also use LyX to create a letter or a novel or a theatre play or film script. A broad array of ready, well-designed document layouts are built in.
LyX is for people who want their writing to look great, right out of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting details, “finger painting” font attributes or futzing around with page boundaries. You just write. On screen, LyX looks like any word processor; its printed output — or richly cross-referenced PDF, just as readily produced — looks like nothing else.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: lyx.org
  • Modification Date: October 1, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 135.6 MB

Home Page

icon PDF Expert 2.4.20

Fast, robust and beautiful PDF editor. Read, annotate and edit PDFs, change text and images. Fill forms and sign contracts like never before.
  • License: Demo, $60
  • Developer/Publisher: Readdle Inc
  • Modification Date: December 12, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 45 MB

Home Page

icon PDFKey Pro 4.3.9

- Recover Documents: Unlock PDF documents protected for printing and copying when you've forgotten your password.
- Unlock PDFs: Unlock, with your password, PDF documents that cannot otherwise be viewed.
- Lock PDFs: Lock PDF document with a password, restrict usage permissions on your documents.
- Automate: Batch-process multiple PDF files or folders without additional input.
  • License: Shareware, $25
  • Developer/Publisher: Michele Balistreri
  • Modification Date: September 21, 2017
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8.3 or higher, Java (contained within the application)

Download Mac File Size: 76 MB

Home Page

Icon PDFpen 10.2.1

PDFpen is your PDF editor for Mac. From signing and filling forms to correcting typos, OCRing scans and redacting sensitive info, PDFpen is your go-to app.
PDFpenPro has everything from PDFpen, and more. Powerful form-building tools, more export options, control over permissions and tables of contents are just a few extras.
  • License: Demo, $75 - Pro $125
  • Developer/Publisher: SmileOnMyMac
  • Modification Date: November 13, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 74.9 MB

Home Page

Icon PDFScanner 1.13.1

* Support for all scanners that are supported by the Mac OS X Image Capture application (please check that using the scanner in Image Capture works before purchasing to be sure)
* Optical character recognition (OCR) to make the document searchable, allow to find it via Spotlight and other search tools or copy the text.
* Supported OCR languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
* Intuitive and fast user interface to reorder, delete or edit pages
* Fully automatic straightening of crooked pages (deskew)
* Full multithreading support
* Scanning, OCR and straightening is done on multiple pages in parallel and you can even reorder or delete pages while PDFScanner is still working
* "Fake Duplex“ mode to simplify scanning of double sided documents without a duplex scanner
* Saving to PDF (optionally compressing the scan inside the PDF to save disk space)
* It is also possible to open or import existing PDF documents and perform OCR on them via a menu option (the language can be set in the Preferences).
* These features make PDFScanner the perfect software for people who own an all-in-one printer with an ADF (automatic document feeder) scanner which often come with crappy scanning software for Macs (or even without any software besides the driver at all).
  • License: Buy, $15
  • Developer/Publisher: Felix Rotthowe
  • Modification Date: October 2, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 higher

Download mac File Size: 91.9 MB

Home Page

Icon PDF Shrink 4.9.1

PDFshrink reduces the size of PDF files created by Mac OS X, Adobe Acrobat Distiller and other applications. PDFshrink compresses images within the PDF file but PDFshrink doesn't stop there like some competing software products. We also remove unused elements such as metadata and thumbnails, eliminate duplicate images, compress non-image parts of a PDF file and optimize the resolution of the images.
  • License: Demo, $35
  • Developer/Publisher: Apago, Inc.
  • Modification Date: November 1, 2016
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 5.4 MB

Home Page

Icon PDF Squeezer 3.9.3

PDF Squeezer is an easy-to-use PDF compression tool. It reduces the size of large PDF documents by compressing images and removing irrelevant information. This will help you obtain important savings in bandwidth costs, digital storage costs and network transmission times.
  • License: Demo, $3
  • Developer/Publisher: Witt Software
  • Modification Date: December 12, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 8.4 MB - Demo

Download Mac File Size: 6 MB

Home Page

icon Preview 10.1

View and annotate PDFs, fill out and sign forms, and edit images. When you’re done, share your file, export a password-protected PDF, or export images in a variety of file types.
  • License: Comes with your Mac
  • Developer/Publisher: Apple
  • Modification Date: August 17, 2018
  • Requirements: macOS 10.14 or higher

How to edit images and mark up PDFs with Preview on your Mac

Home Page

Icon Printopia 3.0.13

Wireless printing to any printer
Share any printer, old or new, with your iPad or iPhone.

No App to Install
Printopia works with your iPad or iPhone's built-in printing capability. Just launch Printopia on your Mac, and you'll be able to print from your device.
  • License: Demo, $20
  • Developer/Publisher: Decisive Tactics
  • Modification Date: October 17, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 9.6 MB

Home Page

icon PrintSelection 1.0

PrintSelection adds Print Selected Text and Print Area of Screen commands to the Services menu.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Robert Chin
  • Modification Date: June 2, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher - 32-bit

Download Universal Binary File Size: 48 Kb

Home Directory

Icon The Print Shop 1.0.5

America’s favorite desktop publishing software for over 28 years is all new! The Print Shop is the ultimate creative tool for home, school, and work. Packed with intuitive layout and editing tools and an incredibly easy-to-use interface, The Print Shop makes it a breeze to create greeting cards, banners, scrapbooks, business cards, brochures, calendars, collages and so much more!
  • License: Buy, $30
  • Developer/Publisher: Broderbund
  • Modification Date: January 17, 2018
  • Requirements: macOS 10.13 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 168.5 MB - App Store

Home Page

Icon QuarkXPress 2018 14.2

QuarkXPress is the leading graphic design and page layout software for creative professionals.
It's used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world who value quality and performance in their daily production of print and digital projects.
  • License: Demo, $849
  • Developer/Publisher: Quark
  • Modification Date: December 13, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 669.6 MB Demo



Extending QuarkXPress

Home Page

Icon Ragtime 6.6.5

RagTime is a unique and professional publishing software for tasks in the fields of graphical design, prepress, office, and database publishing. Where office applications reach their limits and DTP programs are far too complex, RagTime allows you to work more productively. RagTime combines powerful word processing, comprehensive spreadsheets, professional imaging and powerful graphs to a comfortable layout environment for Mac and Windows users. The output on a printer or as a PDF document is always of a high quality. All elements of a page – pictures, tables, text and graphics - keep their fixed positions even if printing on another device. This is an essential for high-level design.
  • License: Demo, $875
  • Developer/Publisher: RagTime GmbH
  • Modification Date: October 8, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher - 32-bit

Download Mac File Size: 279.4 MB

Home Page

icon Scribus 1.4.7

Welcome to Scribus, a page layout program for Linux, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, OpenIndiana, Debian GNU/Hurd, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation, Haiku and Windows. Since its humble beginning in the spring of 2001, Scribus has evolved into one of the premier Open Source desktop applications. Encouraged by professionals and beginners alike, the Scribus Team, with support from a large and growing number of enthusiastic contributors from all over the world, is dedicated to develop and improve “one of the most powerful and useful open-source projects out there” (TechRepublic). Underneath a user-friendly interface, Scribus supports professional publishing features, such as CMYK colors, spot colors, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation. Scribus has many unexpected touches, such as powerful vector drawing tools, support for a huge number of file types via import/export filters, emulation of color blindness or the rendering of markup languages like LaTeX or Lilypond inside Scribus. The Scribus file format is XML-based and open.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: The Scribus Team
  • Modification Date: April 27, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 105 MB

Home Page

icon Skim 1.4.38

Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Michael O. McCracken
  • Modification Date: November 24, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 4.5 MB

Home Page

Icon Swift Publisher 5.0.7

Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app for Mac. This software provides all you need to create effective desktop publishing materials, such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, newsletters, calendars, posters, menus, cards, Facebook and Twitter covers, ad banners and many more.
  • License: Shareware, $20 - $30
  • Developer/Publisher: BeLight Software
  • Modification Date: June 11, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 384.8 MB

Home Page

Icon Texmaker 5.0.3

Texmaker is a free, modern and cross-platform LaTeX editor for linux, macosx and windows systems that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX, in just one application.
Texmaker includes unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding and a built-in pdf viewer with synctex support and continuous view mode.
Texmaker is easy to use and to configure.
Texmaker is released under the GPL license .
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Pascal Brachet
  • Modification Date: October 30, 2018
  • Requirements: macOS 10.12 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 72.7 MB

Home Page

Icon TeXShop 4.21

TeXShop is a TeX previewer for Mac OS X, written in Cocoa. Since pdf is a native file format on OS X, TeXShop uses "pdftex" and "pdflatex" rather than "tex" and "latex" to typeset in its default configuration; these programs in the standard TeX Live distribution of TeX produce pdf output instead of dvi output.
TeXShop uses TeX Live, a standard distribution of Tex programs maintained by the TeX Users Group (TUG) for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and various other Unix machines. The distribution includes tex, latex, dvips, tex fonts, cyrillic fonts, and virtually all other programs and supporting files commonly used in the TeX world. The most recent version of this distribution is maintained for the Mac by the MacTeX TeXnical Working Group of the TeX Users Group and available under the "Obtaining" tab.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Richard Koch and Dirk Olmes
  • Modification Date: December 14, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher and a working LaTeX installation (TeX Live or MacTeX)

Download Mac File Size: 45.4 MB

Home Page

icon TeXstudio 2.12.14

TeXstudio is an integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents. Our goal is to make writing LaTeX as easy and comfortable as possible. Therefore TeXstudio has numerous features like syntax-highlighting, integrated viewer, reference checking and various assistants.
TeXstudio is open source and is available for all major operating systems.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Benito van der Zander, Pascal Brachet
  • Modification Date: November 30, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 47.1 MB

Home Page

icon TeXworks 0.6.2

The TeXworks project is an effort to build a simple TeX front-end program (working environment) that will be available for all today's major desktop operating systems—in particular, MS Windows (XP/Vista/7), typical GNU/Linux distros and other X11-based systems, as well as Mac OS X. It is deliberately modeled on Dick Koch's award-winning TeXShop for Mac OS X, which is credited with a resurgence of TeX usage on the Mac platform.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Jonathan Kew, Stefan Löffler, Charlie Sharpsteen
  • Modification Date: April 30, 2017
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 21.1 MB

Home Page

Icon Trapeze 2.0

Trapeze is a drag-and-drop text extraction utility that converts PDF files to editable HTML, RTF, ASCII or plain text.
Trapeze puts you in control over the conversion process, with options for white space stripping, paragraph rewrapping and page break marking. Additional features include advanced text encoding, targeted RTF optimization (TextEdit or Microsoft Word), and support for encrypted (password protected) PDF.
Trapeze's powerful reformatting engine is capable of standard HTML conversion, high quality RTF rendering and faithful plain text reproduction; a must for users interested in PDF web publishing, content data mining or repurposing.
  • License: Freeware
  • Developer/Publisher: Danny Espinoza
  • Modification Date: April 7, 2013
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher - 64-bit

Download Mac File Size: 361 Kb

Home Page

icon VueScan 9.6.23

Can't find a driver for your scanner? VueScan is here to help

Don't you hate how scanner manufacturers stop releasing drivers whenever a new operating system comes out? VueScan works differently. We create scanner drivers for old scanners so you can keep using the scanner you already have.
  • License: Shareware, $40
  • Developer/Publisher: Hamrick Software
  • Modification Date: December 15, 2018
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Download Mac File Size: 9 MB

Home Page

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